Wallbox Pulsar Plus Problems Troubleshooting [Fixed]

Wallbox Pulsar Plus is one of the best high-voltage EV chargers in the market, but as all EV owners face issues with their EV chargers, so there are problems with Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

Issues that may occur sometimes are Bluetooth or wifi connection problems, charger not working or not charging, schedule not working and so on.

So the problem you may face renders from the initial stages just after installation, or anywhere in between in your charging journey. 

But nothing of the issues is worrisome, just after a couple of fixes the problems are vanishing (Yea! based on what I have figured out from my experience).

I will cover all of the possible scenarios that you could face and will tell you exactly what to do to mitigate the problem.

Note: This guide is applicable for all versions of Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

In This Article:

Locating the Issue – Wallbox Pulsar Plus Not Working

Now the problems with Wallbox Pulsar Plus can be either some issue within the charger itself, charging cable and plug or the things related to it like app, wifi router or your Electric Vehicle.

And there are certain connectivity and charging issues which occured to only a few Wallbox Pulsar Plus users and not all. So if you are one of them then be with me.

So let’s begin with the troubleshooting.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Problems Troubleshooting – Issue With Charging Unit

I am categorizing the issues into two types. Issues require simple troubleshooting and issues require detailed troubleshooting.

The first one just demands a couple of checks which are very easy and you might have done it already. The later demands some steps to follow.

So let’s start with Simple troubleshooting.

Simple Troubleshooting

A Quick Check First

Check if the charger plug is properly inserted in the car’s charge port. Just to ensure you can unplug and plug it back.

Plus, see if any dust or debris there inside plug and charge port. If there is, then clean it with a cotton smooth cloth or ear bud.

If you have plug-in version of Pulsar Plus, then also check if the power plug is properly inserted.

I assume you probably have done it and nothing is yet fixed, only then you are here. But if you haven’t then check it first.

Now let’s see the alerts indicated by different LED color lights over the charging unit. Just check the status of LED lights. If you fall into any of the below scenarios then you need to solve it.

Alerts on LED Light Indicators

Wallbox Pulsar Plus No Lights

Meaning: Issue is with power supply.

What to do:

Here, just ensure that power supply is ON.

If power supply is on then check if circuit breaker is tripped. If so then turn it back ON.

If even after turning circuit breaker ON, still no light on charger’s LED indicators then have a certified electrician check the electrical connections. It shows some wiring issues with charger.

If circuit breaker keeps tripping then it means some overload or wiring issues causing the frequent tripping. Again a certified electrician can check any issues with circuit breaker, wirings or any other issues in circuit or panel.

(Hiring a certified electrician is recommended unless you thoroughly know the electrical stuff)

If issue persists even with proper wiring then you need to contact Wallbox customer support.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Red Light

Meaning: Some internal fault or issue related to the connection between Wallbox and power grid or Wallbox and car.

What to do:

Here, just turn the circuit breaker OFF, wait for a few seconds and turn it back ON.

Then check if it solves the problem. This should solve any glitches in connection with power grid or car or any internal glitch.

If it doesn’t then you need to ensure all the wirings are properly done with the help of a certified electrician.

Also, the current selector should not be on 0, 8 or 9 position for Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

If all wirings and connections are at proper place and still thre is red light alert then the only thing you can do is contact Wallbox customer support.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Yellow Light

Meaning: The charger is locked and it won’t charge.

What to do:

  • Go to myWallboxapp,
  • Go to your charger
  • Tap on ‘Lock’ icon

It will unlock the charger.

This will turn on ‘Green’ light on Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger. That indicates that charger is ready to charge.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Blinking Blue Light

Meaning: Scheduled charging is enabled. Charger won’t charge out of scheduled time.

What to do:

You need to delete that charging schedule from myWallbox app and start the charging.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Turquoise Standby Light

Meaning: Either charging completed Or charging session is paused.

If charging is completed then it won’t charge anymore (but obviously!). So check your car’s SoC percentage.

If not so then check myWallbox app and see if charging session is paused. If so then you need to resume the session from there.

If charging is not being resumed then you can unplug the charger from car and plug it again. However, this is not a noticed issue though.

So these were some of the simple troubleshooting steps you can do to solve charging issues in Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

Now, there are certain issues, where you need to dig a li’l deeper to identify the issue and solve it. Here it is.

Detailed Troubleshooting

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Blinking Turquoise Light or Solid Green Light

If you have set scheduled charging for Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger, then once there is time for schedule charging to start, it will start pulsing turquoise color LED, showing ready mode indicating that charger is just going to start the charging.

OR if you see solid Green light on LED panel, it also means that charger is ready to charge and no scheduled time is set up. So once you plug in the the charger to car it will start charging.

That means charger is working fine. You should be able to charge the car.

But if you see that charger is plugged into the car and the charger is ready to charge still it is not charging. Then it signifies some other issues.

So let’s look at that.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Not Charging – Even Charger is Ready to Charge Or ‘Waiting for car demand’ error

In this case where charger is ready to charge but no charging is happening after plugging in, it is probably the car now causing the issue and not the charger.

In this case you may also see the error in myWallboxapp ‘Waiting for car demand’.

Now in the next section, I will show you things to check in your vehicle to confirm whether it is causing the charging issue.

(First, remember to confirm that the charging plug is properly inserted in the charge port and both are dust-debris or moisture-free.)

Troubleshooting Your EV – Not Charging with Wallbox Pulsar Plus

With Wallbox Pulsar Plus type 2 connector, you can almost charge any EV or PHEV vehicle.

At this stage you need to do some quick checks in your EV to locate the issue.

Here are the quick checks you need to perform, but as all different EVs have different settings, you need to figure out how-to of that depending on the EV you have.

Vehicle Charging Schedule Crash

Check if the charging schedule is turned in the vehicle settings.

EV’s charging schedule could be clashing with charger’s, so it is not accepting the charging out of the scheduled time. If so, then you just turn the vehicle charging schedule off and then try to charge.

Vehicle Charge Limit

Check if charge Limit is set in the vehicle and if it is reached.

If the charge limit is reached then it won’t allow to charge above the limit. Just check that and increase it or disable it.

Sometimes some EVs automatically set the limit to protect the battery, nothing is done by you, so it’s important to check.

Vehicle Error Codes

Check if your EV is showing any Error codes.

If there is any error internal to the vehicle, the vehicle dashboard will show an error, depending on your EV.

If you see that then will give further clarity as to what to do.

You can check troubleshooting steps specific to your EV’s brand and model to solve the issue. If you can’t figure it out by yourself then can contact the vehicle manufacturer’s customer support.

EV Battery Temperature

Check if there is any alert in your car asking to precondition the battery.

If the battery temperature has gone beyond the limit (either too cold or too hot), it won’t allow the charging to start. It can happen in cold weather mostly, but also in hot weather and after a long drive.

If you see such an alert then do the preconditioning first before starting the charging session.

So these were the quick checks you need to perform in your EV to see whether charging is not allowed by your EV.

If these quick checks won’t solve the issue then now you need to do final troubleshooting steps i.e. to restart the charger and if needed restore/reset the Wallbox charger to factory settings.

However, there are some special cases where only a few of the Electric Vehicle brand model causes the charging issue differently, i.e. charger stops charging, starts and stops charging frequently and charges slowly.

If you don’t see any of these issues then just jump to final troubleshooting steps.

Special Cases of Some EVs

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Stops Charging

Once it is confirmed that Wallbox is working and it’s a side issue as explained above, now check this one thing – Does charging stop a couple of minutes once charging starts?

Or Wallbox stops charging when the car’s door gets locked or unlocked. Or it slows the charging speed.

Certain EVs have some default settings when to allow charging as per above said the scenario.

If you detect this then see if any settings to change this in your EV’s dashboard.

Or you can contact vehicle manufacturer’s support to solve this issue if you see this is the case.

If you find that the vehicle is not causing the issue like this, then now you need to restart/restore the Wallbox charger. (explained in later section)

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Frequently Stops and Starts the Charging

Many Wallbox Pulsar Plus users reported this issue that within a charging session, the charger starts and stops charging automatically and frequently many times.

However, this is happening with only selected EV models of some brands and not all.

In that case, probably the software in the EV’s system is causing the issue. Such issues happening with certain EVs are getting solved with a software update in the EV.

However, you can reach out to your EV’s customer support and get appropriate advice.

Now, after trying all troubleshooting steps for any issues listed above, if nothing works then you need to restart/restore the Wallbox pulsar plus charger.

Now let’s see if your car charges slowly with Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charging Slowly

Battery State of Charger (SoC) Above 80%

If your car is already charged to 80% and charging above then it will reduce the charge rate.

It is the default protection mechanism in every EV’s Battery Management System to prevent damage to the battery at high SoC.

To go from 80% to 100%, it can take same time or double time as it takes going from 0-80%.

So it is quite normal. No issues about it.

Charging Current Reduced or Power Output Reduced

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charger Output Current Reduced

Just check in myWallbox app, whether the output current is reduced. If so increase it as per the compatible rate for your car.

Remember, you can set a maximum of 80% of current output to that of circuit breaker rating.

If charger current is at the proper value in myWallbox app, then you need to check the settings in your EV.

Check Vehicle’s Charging Rate Settings

Check if the vehicle is accepting charging at lower rate. There are similar settings in certain EVs to alter the rate of power to charge.

As Wallbox supplies power at the proper rate but if the vehicle is not accepting full of it then it will charge at a slower speed.

If that is the ase then just increase it to the appropriate rate or highest if you want to charge your EV at max possible rate.

But if the charge rate is not lowered either from Wallbox charger side or at EV’s side and still charging slowly then you need to restart/restore Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

Now I will explain the connectivity issues you may experience with Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Connectivity issues

The connectivity issues you face with Wallbox Pulsar Plus are quite simple to solve.

Wallbox Bluetooth problem

Here are the things you need to ensure,

  • Stand close and nearby to Wallbox Pulsar Plus (within six meters) and no obstacles betwen charger and you.
  • Ensure you have added Wallbox Pulsar Plus to your account
  • Accept all location and Bluetooth permission while installing myWallbox app

If still you face bluetooth connection problems then do as explained below.

  1. Turn OFF the power supply to the charger and Turn it ON with gap of a few seconds and try again
  2. Try with other phone and check, if that works then issue is with your phone. If doesn’t then use myWallbox Poral instead of app
  3. Atlast if nothing works then perform a factory restore and try again.

If nothing works, contact Wallbox support.

Now let’s see Wi-Fi connection issues.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Wifi Issues

Ensure below things to have proper WiFi internet onnection.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus can connect to Wi-Fi router only if the router is within below mentioned reach t Wallbox,

  • 25m with No walls and no ceiling in-between,
  • 15m is one wall or one ceiling in between or
  • 5m if two walls or two ceilings or one wall and one ceiling is in-between.

Make sure Wi-Fi name and password do not contain ASCII printable characters.

Plus, check with internet whether it can reach Wallbox cloud servers.

You can open the link: https://api.wall-box.com/api/ping in browser and it returns to “OK” response then servers are reachable with your internet connection. Else you need to check with your internet service provider.

If everything is at its perfect place, then try a few things to solve the issue.

  • Incase using myWallbox app, uninstall it and reinstall the app
  • Power cycle the charger (Turning OFF and ON power supply with few seconds of gap)
  • Try to connect with your phone’s hotspot
  • Log in to myWallbox portal and restore the charger to factory settings
  • Check if any software updates are available
  • If nothing works then you need to contact Wallbox customer support.

Now let’s see if Wallbox Pulsar Plus schedule is not working.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Schedule Not Working

To troubleshoot this issue check below things,

  • Ensure no schedule is set up in car system
  • Ensure charger is not locked
  • Make another ‘Test’ schedule and see if that works
  • Ensure charging plug is properly inserted to EV charge port
  • If no resolution then restart the charger and test
  • Still no resolution the restore to factory settings and test
  • If still no solution then contact Wallbox customer support.

Now let’s see what you can do if myWallbox app does not work properly.

myWallbox app doesn’t work properly

If you face any glitches in the app or in connectivity then,

  1. First just clear the cache of the app from the phone application settings.
  2. If that doesn’t solve the issue then just uninstall the app and reinstall it. And reestablish the charger connection.
  3. Still if you see issues pertaining then contact Wallbox support.

Now I will tell you what if you encounter some unknown issue that is not solving or you are unable to troubleshoot. Here are final troubleshooting steps you can do.

Final Troubleshooting Steps

So if any of the discussed solutions above is not working for your Wallbox Pulsar Plus, then now is the time to restart/reset the charger.

First, try to Restart the Wallbox Pulsar Plus. This will clear any glitch in the charging process.

Restart Wallbox Pulsar Plus


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ in myWallbox app
  2. Go to ‘Advanced Settings
  3. Click on ‘Restart
  4. Click ‘Accept

Note: It is necessary to have Wallbox Pulsar Plus remain connected to the internet in order to restart it. After the Restart process completes, you need to re-establish Bluetooth and Wi-Fi internet connections for Wallbox Pulsar Plus.

Now check if the problem is solved.

If you still face the charging problems then now you have to hard reset Wallbox Pulsar Plus. It is also called restore to factory settings.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Hard Reset

Restoring Wallbox to factory default is the final and most effective troubleshooting step for any issues which are not getting solved.


  • Go to ‘Settings’ in myWallbox app
  • Go to ‘Installation options
  • Click on ‘Restore
  • Click ‘Start Restore

The restoration process can take up to 15 minutes to complete. The LED halo should power off and on and rotate.

Wait until the LED stops spinning and the Wallbox power charger power turns ON.

Once the process completes, you again have to establish the bluetooth and internet connection.

Now check and see if charger is working and you can charge your car.

At this stage, any of the problems should be eliminated.

Now if the issue still persists then you need to contact Walbox customer support as they are the ones who now can handle this problem.

Contact WallBox Customer Support

You can contact Wallbox customer support from here.

Additional Tip on Wallbox Pulsar Plus Frequent Charging Issues

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Not Working After Firmware Update

There are a lot of Wallbox Pulsar Plus users experiencing charging issues as explained above, after a firmware update. Issues mostly arise just after the update or few days later.

However, firmware updates are provided to enhance the features or to remove system glitches, but somehow new updates result in new glitches.

if you see the issues happned after a software update, then restore the charger to factory settings.

Then again update the firmware to latest version. This solves the issue in most of the cases.

If issues don’t solve then you can just avoid updating the firmware! Yes.

If an older version of the software works perfectly then it is perfectly fine not to update the software.

But some updates are important also, which genuinely removes system glitches.

So what you can do is, just update it and see if that works else you can restore Wallbox to factory settings and continue to use it with an older version of software. You can update it later once another update releases and check.

So till now, we have seen all the issues related to Wallbox Pulsar Plus not charging and how to solve it.


So I have given you a troubleshooting handbook for Wallbox Pulsar Plus Problems, from connectivity issues to not charging issues.

However, the process is quite simple, still, it may feel overwhelming when faced the first time.

But now I am confident that after going through this guide you will be able to figure out and solve any Wallbox Pulsar Plus issues by yourself.

OK then, see you in the next article!


How do I reset my Pulsar Plus Wallbox?

To reset Wallbox Pulsar Plus go to myWallbox app > Settings > Installation options > Restore > Start restore

This reset process will take around 15 mins and LED halo will rotate with power off and on. Once process is complete LED will stop spinning and charger power will turn ON.

Why does my Wallbox keep tripping?

That is surely an issue with the electric circuit, either it’s due to power load, short circuit or ground fault. Or it could also be an issue with the circuit breaker itself or Wallbox charging unit. In this case, it is best to have a certified electrician to check up electrical circuits and charging unit.

Does Wallbox pulsar plus need WiFi?

No, it is not necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection. Just for charging purpose, even without Wi-Fi you can charge you car with Wallbox and schedule will also work. But to use smart features and do remote control you need to have an active Wi-Fi internet connection with your Wallbox.

How do you reboot a Wallbox Pulsar Plus?

To reboot Wallbox Pulsar Plus means to restart it. You can do that from myWalbox app > Settings > Advance settings > Restart > Accept.

Please note to start the reboot/restart process, it is necessary to have an active Wi-Fi internet connection with your Wallbox Pulsar Plus. Once the process completes you again have to establish Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and internet connection with Wallbox.

How do I reset the red light on my Wallbox?

To solve the Red light issue, you just turn OFF the circuit breaker, wait for few seconds and turn it back ON. It will solve any internal glitch in the Pulsar Plus.

Also please note if you see Red light on Wallbox, then just check the current selector, it shouldn’t be on 0, 8 or 9 position for Pulsar Plus.

If the issue persists you need to have a certified electrician to check things for you.

Why is my Wallbox flashing?

There is an LED status indicator showing various light patterns on the Wallbox unit. It shows the current status of the charger whether it’s working fine of having any issues. Check this list of indicators showing alerts and what to do with them.


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