ChargePoint Home Charger Not Working? [Here’s How to Fix]

If your ChargePoint home flex charger not working or not charging then we have to look into certain things to spot the issue and solve it.

The problem could be from the side of charger or from the side of car, as ChargePoint is a great EV charger compatible with almost all Electric cars.

I will delve extensively into the all possible issues causing the ChargePoint charger not working including, connection issues, wifi issues, light indicators and much more and how to solve it.

By the end of this article you will properly know what to do if you are facing charging issues with ChargePoint home charger.

Note: Here we are focusing on the latest version of ChargePoint home charger i.e. ChargePoint Home Flex.

Locating the Issue – ChargePoint Not Working

So first I will discuss about different things assuming the issue from the side of ChargePoint charging unit.

In later sections I will tell you what to check in your EV if ChargePoint charger is working fine and still not charging.

So let’s go.

ChargePoint Home Charging Troubleshooting

ChargePoint charger is a very simple in operating and a few things has to be ensured in proper place to make it function properly.

Those things are,

  1. Power supply
  2. Wirings
  3. ChargePoint connection to phone and internet (However it can still run but with some cons, I’ll discuss)
  4. Lights on holster or on triangle indicator behind the charger on the left side

The issues lay in one or many of above mentioned area, and all those things to be under check.

I will explain it one by one, first to locate the issue and then will tell you how to solve it. By then you will be able to spot the exact issue and take the next right steps.

Very First Thing to Check

Now, if you face this issue that ChargePoint charger is not charging then before checking other things just ensure if the charging plug is properly inserted. You can try removing and reinserting again. You might have done it, it’s so simple everyone tries it out first.

But I am mentioning it here as it is important.

Plus, don’t forget to check if dust or debris is inside the charging plug or charge port, if there is then clean it with cotton or smooth cloth or earbuds. (You can also use tooth stick as it’s a very narrow passage so would be difficult to clean otherwise.)

But remember, don’t overdo it, as it may damage the part. Just do it gently.

You can then do a gentle air blow with a blower or just can do a mouth blow. This ill remove any dry particles inside.

Also, in case of cold or rainy weather, check if there’s snow or moisture or water or moisture ingress inside the charging plug or port. If so, you can use climate options in your EV to evaporate the moisture, snow or water.

If you see significant water ingress then it’s better to use cloth or tissue to dry out the water and later can use vehicle climate option or hot air dryer to dry out the water. Again, do it gently. If you aren’t sure how to do it properly then it is better to contact vehicle customer support or nearby vehicle service center or ChargePoint support – if it’s inside charging connector.

Now let’s look into ChargePoint charging unit specific issues indicated by various light indicators.

No lights on Holster

When proper wiring is done and no issues with power supply, you should see the light on holster (charging handle dock).

If there is no light on holster then it means some issue with wiring or power supply.

If you are not familiar with electrical stuff then it is best to call certified electrician to check up the things for you.

Pulsing White Light on Holster

If wiring is perfectly done and no issues in power supply, then you should at least see pulsing white light on holster light indicator.

It indicates that charger is working but not activated yet.

However, with this you can still charge your EV, but it will only charge at 16A, the base rate of current.

And you will face the slow charging issue due to charging at low current.

It is recommended to activate the ChargePoint and add to ChargePoint app to take all the advantage of all the functions it offers.

Activate ChargePoint Home Flex Home Charger

To activate the ChargePoint, it is a very simple process to do. You can follow the below steps,

  • Download ChargePoint mobile app
  • Enable Bluetooth and Wifi in your phone
  • Stand near to ChargePoint charger
  • Open the app and sign up with details
  • Select “I have ChargePoint Home” to set up Home charger
  • You can add your EV in app if you want
  • Select and set up installation type and circuit breaker amperage
  • It will start configuring charger and power source
  • Once done, it will open wifi wizard to connect to home network wifi for internet connection
  • Find and connect with Home network
  • Then you will be asked to set up your charging location

That’s all! ChargePoint home charger is activated.

Once ChargePoint is connected to wifi, you will see a green light bar on back in the left side of charger.

Now you can use full potential of ChargePoint Home Flex charger.

But here you can face some issues.

ChargePoint home charger white light

If ChargePoint disconnects from wifi or not connected to wifi then you will see white light on ChargePoint holder.

So you need to again connect ChargePoint to home wifi from ChargePoint app.

ChargePoint Home Flex Not Connecting To Wifi

You may see that ChargePoint not connecting to wifi. If you see errors like, Unable to connect to home charger or ‘Can’t find home charger’ then it means home wifi range is not reaching the ChargePoint charger.

To avoid this issue, make sure your home network wifi should be within reach of where you installed ChargePoint home charger.

You can use some Wi-Fi extender if installation location is out of range of home network wifi.

ChargePoint Home Charger Not Connected

By any chance if wifi connection breaks or internet connection breaks, you can face this issue.

However, charging will still work, but at base rate of 16A.

So you need to ensure that ChargePoint is connected to wifi for internet connection and also need to ensure that internet connection is active.

ChargePoint Home Charger Green Light Or Blue Light

You should now be able to see solid Green light on holster that means ChargePoint is ready for charging.

Or if charger is plugged in the car you will see a solid blue light, and if charging is going then you will see pulsing blue light.

These are indicators that ChargePoint charger is working.

ChargePoint Home Charger Blinking Green Light

If ChargePoint charger is indicating pulsing or blinking green light on holster, then it means that charging schedule is set up.

You can check in ChargePoint app and confirm.

In this case either you can change charging schedule or turn it off.

Or if you want to charge the EV out of schedule for the time being, you can plug in the charger in EV, plug off and again plug-in.

This will start the charging immediately even if charging schedule is set up.

ChargePoint Home Charger Red Light

If you see that ChargePoint holster is indicating red light, then it is caution!

Or if you see red light is turned on in a triangle indicator, on backside of charger just below wifi indicator light then again it is sign of caution for you.

Here, you can try one thing – Reboot ChargePoint charger – and see if it works, else you need to contact ChargePoint support.

Reboot ChargePoint Home Charger

If you reboot the charger, it will clear any internal glitches and solve the issue.

To reboot the charge follow the bellow steps,

  • Open ChargePoint app
  • Go to home charger settings
  • Click on ‘Reboot Charger

This option will work in most of the cases.

Now again connect ChargePoint to wifi and check if it started working and now you can now charge.

But if you see still no luck, now that you have tried all the ways and still nothing worked, then some unknown issues could be underlying.

Now you can try resetting ChargePoint charger.

How to Reset ChargePoint Home Charger

To reset the charge follow the bellow steps,

  • Open ChargePoint app
  • Go to home charger settings
  • Click on ‘Reset To Factory Defaults

This option will remove the ChargePoint charger from your account and put everything to factory default condition.

Now, again you need to follow the steps I explained earlier to activate ChargePoint charger and check if it is working now.

Now, at this stage you should see a proper working condition of ChargePoint charger.

If any intertal glitches of certain kind causing the problem then it should be solved now.

But if at this stage if still there is no resolution then probably the issue is out of reach at your personal level to solve it.

ChargePoint flashing yellow light

Some users faced this, however, this is rare that ChargePOint starts flashing yellow light. This is strange actually. It shows some unknown bug or glitch. Here you have no option other than to contact ChargePoint customer support.

Nothing Worked? OR Facing unknown issue? – Contact Customer Support

If nothing worked, then you should immediately contact ChargePoint support.

Using Used Chargerpoint Charger?

Now in case if you are using second hand or used ChargePoint charger, then you need to ensure that previous owner account for the charger unit is cleared before new owner registers for it.

If you see error like ‘Unable to add to ChargePoint Account’ you should immediately contact the seller from where you purchased the unit.

Tell them to remove the previous ownership account for this charging unit.

ChargePoint only allows a single account owner for a charger unit.

However, in using used ChargePoint charger you should always confirm that no previous owner is registered for the sad unit.

In this case, nothing can be said even if you contact ChargePoint support for this issue. May be they can’t also help, if unable to contact previous owner.

You may then need to return the unit, as it can’t be activated.

Now, in case if you find that ChargePoint charger is working looking at light indicators then it can also mean that the EV you are charging is having the issue.

Troubleshooting Your EV – Not Charging with ChargePoint

ChargePoint with J1772 connector supports all the EVs in North America, as all the EVs come with J1772 charge port.

Now, if if you find that ChargePoint charger is working but somehow not charging the EV then you need to check certain things in your Electric Vehicle.

I will explain you what to check, but because you may be having any brand of EV and different checks and settings are different for different cars, so not possible for me to go in details of each.

But, I will tell you some important checks which almost all EVs will be having, so you just need to navigate to right checking location depending on your EV.

You can simply follow below things to check and confirm if EV is allowing the charging.

  • First, you just check charging with another EV with same ChargePoint and see if charging

(If other EV is charging, the probably the issue is with your EV)

  • Check EV battery temperature or any preconditioning notice

(Battery temperature should be within operating limit not be too cold or hot. Do preconditioning to get the temperature suitable for charging. You can see some warning icon on car dashboard if that is the case)

  • Check EV battery charge limit

(EV can’t charge if charge limit is reached)

  • Check if any Error codes showing inside EV car dashboard

(That can give you further insight about problem, so you can then take right steps to solve the issue)

  • Charging Schedule is set up at car’s side charging system

(If charging schedule is turned then it may or may not be override by ChargePoint app, depending on yur EV. You can turn it off to continue charging)

  • Certain EVs stop the charging or slow it down when going to sleep mode or when doors are locked/unlocked

(So you need to check with your vehicle settings if there are some default or adjustable settings to allow charging while in sleep or when doors are locked/unlocked. Plus the open windows may also affect charging process depending on your EV model. You try different things and if needed look at your EV user’s manual or contact the vehicle manufacturer’s support for this kind of issue if you detect it)

  • When your vehicle is just about to full charge after 80% SoC, it automatically slows down the charging rate to protect the battery

(This is a very simple thing all of you might know, but still incase you missed it, that can cause the charging speed to slow down.)

So these were some general yet important checks you can perform by yourself to confirm that the charging issue is not caused by your Electric Vehicle.

If you find that the issue is with your EV then you need to follow the respective troubleshooting steps depending on the brand of your vehicle or if needed contact the vehicle manufacturer’s customer support.


So this were the things you should check and fix if ChargePoint charger in not working.

I hope you have found this article helpful and can solve the issue.

Feel free to let me know if anything is missed in this article, it is much appreciated.

See you in the next article!


How do I reset my ChargePoint?

To reset ChargePoint go to ChargePoint app>Home charger settings>‘Reset To Factory Defaults’.

How to reboot ChargePoint station?

To reboot ChargePoint go to ChargePoint app>Home charger settings>‘Reboot Charger

Will ChargePoint work without WiFi?

Yes, as far as charging is concerned ChargePoint can charge your car. But for activation and smart features, it requires a Wi-Fi connection.


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