About Me

Hi, This is Steve – Founder of EV Chargers Guide.

Academically a mechanical engineer, and have worked for 5 years in corporate.


My Story:

Since my college days, I always had in my heart to do something meaningful for the world.

So I decided to start something that can be of some help to the people and also have an impact to make the world a better place to live.

However, looking at how world is changing day by day with all technological revolutions and new discoveries about how nature works, puts significant impact on how we live here on the earth. Because apart from ‘us’ the discoveries that we people make become the backbone driving force deciding the tomorrow of our lives.

All the revolutions are so potent that they can flourish the flowers in this world or can break down the world anytime.

So it becomes extremely important now that we live sensibly on this earth handling what we have made.

More importantly, the ‘life’ that we are, is constantly trying to expand just like how universe is expanding and so things are happening the way they are happening right now, being the driving force of our aspirations also.

It is all us who have made this world how it is today, and today we are constantly deciding knowingly or unknowingly how it will be tomorrow.

What we did yesterday, we are living the consequences of it today and what we are doing today the next generation is going to face the consequences.

So let’s do what we are doing today with the most sensibility in our hearts – towards the life which we are and everyone is.

& So this blog is part of one of our many aspirations in revolutionizing the current reality – the 4th Industrial Revolution – powered by electrons and artificial intelligence.

Traditional gasoline-powered vehicles are slowly being transitioned to electric-powered ones. And these are not the ones which take in the liquid to move the wheels.

These are the electric! They want electrons.. just like how your phone wants. And guess what, just like how you charge your phones, the same way now you can charge your electric cars also! Because ultimately it is all a battery being the storehouse of power instead of a tank!

And it all made possible with the EV charging stations! Yes..

I see EV Charging stations are going to be the Next Gen of Fuel stations in the world replacing traditional gasoline ones as the adoption of EVs increases.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are an important and inevitable part of the EV Eco-system.

As people are getting used to Electric Vehicles and EV chargers – which is still a new technology yet to be majorly adopted by the world – there will be problems.

Especially, now these new pit stops are being installed at our homes! And so, many things may go off here & there. And when things are new for us, we may also miss a lot of things using it.

It includes all small things like how to activate the charger, how to charge my car, why my car is not charging, why charger is not working and so on.

And only when we get used to new things and they fit into our routine, the new change takes place – not just for you but for the world.. Yes!

So at EV Chargers Guide, from my experience & best of my knowledge, I provide detailed, well-researched, and well-curated guides on everything about EV Charging and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment commonly known as EV Chargers (It is also called Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment).

You will find here, how-to guides, troubleshooting guides, buying guides, comparisons and reviews about EV chargers and EVSE components.

This blog is a contribution towards adopting this new technology in our everyday life and making the EV journey ‘easy’ for all of us.

So let’s move together, live sensibly and make the world a better place to live for all of us..!

EV Chargers Guide
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