Should I unplug my EV charger when not in use?

Again it’s a valid question of yours and let me make it clear that it is totally OK if you don’t unplug the charger from your EV when it is not charging.

It won’t cause any damage to your EV. Or it won’t overcharge the battery either. Because the Battery Management System, as a security measure won’t let the electricity flow to further charge the battery once charging is complete.

In fact, if it remains plugged in then it is good for your EV’s battery. Then BMS actually works for a better health of your EV’s battery.

Because Electric Vehicle battery maintains good health if it remains in a warm temperature. And when you leave your charger plugged in, it will draw the energy as and when required automatically to maintain sufficient temperature in the battery.

Plus, it will also cope with the vampire drains when your EV is not in use. Vampire drain uses the battery and it includes any app integration, and security functions like sentry mode, which makes the car’s system awake when it is sitting idle.

As a result, it will help to maintain the State of Charge of the battery steady, so when you are about to hit the road you won’t disappoint, the battery will always be juicy whenever you need it.

Is it clear now?

Let me also clarify that it is also totally OK if you remove the charger from the car when it is not actively charging.

So both are OK. As far as car’s and charger’s safety is concerned.

Just the thing is, if left plugged in, it has some other benefits. But if not there’s no damage, so it’s OK to do any of the either whatever is convenient for you at the moment.

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