is it safe to charge EV in rain, snow or thunderstorm?

Yes, it is completely ok and safe to charge EV in rain, snow or thunderstorm.

However, it is essential to prevent water from going inside charge port or plug. Otherwise, it will cause corrosion and in certain cases some circuit damage.

But even if water goes inside charge port and charge plug, the technology with which EVs and EV charging stations are designed, it won’t cause any life hazards and also will stop the charging process immediately.

You can use defrost or climate options in your EV to evaporate water or snow inside charge port, but still, it is recommended that water should not enter inside charge port, to avoid any internal damage.

Generally, we have the impression that if water and electricity come in contact, it is not safe. But this is not the case with EV charging, because of it’s technology.

However, for EV chargers there are various enclosure standards allowing various levels of water contact maintaining the safety of charger. So depending on the kind of enclosure used it may cause circuit damage in charger but still keeping user safe.

The same goes with Electric Vehicles. The technology is designed to make users safe, even when charging in rain, snow or thunderstorms.

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