How often should you charge your EV?

The only answer is depending on your driving habits you should charge your EV.

If you travel 80-100 miles a day then charge it every day or overnight and probably you have to charge it multiple times in a day on the road trip.

But if you are casual driving your EV or city driving then charging your EV once a week or twice a week will be enough.

As a thumb of rule, if you normally maintain State of Charge of your EV between 20% to 80%, you will know when to charge.

When you are about to hit around 20% just charge it at the earliest opportunity. In most of the cases, this practice is compatible with any driving needs.

But on long road trips, it is best to charge 100% or near about, considering what if you don’t find any charger? So to have maximum juice in the vehicle just do that whenever you can and have enough time for.

Or if you are sure that you have good enough options for charging stations on the road then you can maintain 50% plus or minus 10% to 20% State of Charge throughout, whether you are a city driver or long runner.

Here’s a detailed guide on how much to charge your EV including the charging time it takes and what’s best charging habit that fits your driving habit.

EV Chargers Guide
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