How often should I charge my EV to 100%?

The only thing is EVs come with Lithium-ion batteries and Li-ion battery cells go out of balance frequently, so it requires cell balancing and BMS calibration. Different types of Li-ion batteries go off the balance with different frequencies.

So every week or twice a month it is best to charge your EV’s battery to 100%. Or do it at the earliest opportunity if you see some error in showing State of Charge or range estimation. It will take care of these things.

However, the proper process to balance the battery cells and recalibrate the Battery Management System, it is required to let the battery level fall below 10%, let it remain there for 3-4 hours and then charge it back to 100%. You can follow that if it doesn’t solve with the full charging.

But that’s about a special reason concerning cell unbalancing and BMS calibration.

However, if you are frequently on long road trips (covering 80-100+ miles a day or two), it is totally OK to charge your EV to 100% daily or every alternate day depending on your charging requirements.

But if you are not that frequent on long trips or mostly on city driving then you can charge to 100% weekly or around every 15 days or even once a month to the least. If you see inaccurate SoC or range estimation then charge it 100% as soon as possible.

Don’t worry about battery degradation. All EVs have robust batteries that last for more than a decade majorly.

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