How Much Should You Charge Your EV? | How Long You Should Charge Your EV?

So depending on your driving needs you should charge your EV to sufficient percentage, just to ensure it has enough juice to kick on the road whenever you require.

However there’s no specific rule or straightforward best practices to how long to continue charging or how much you should charge, but ideally it is best to let the State of Charge of your EV roam between 20% & 80% or around 50% considering the battery health.

And this will fit into mostly all EV user’s driving schedule also. To go from 20% to 80% it usually takes 4-6 hours of charging using Level 2 charger and it’s just 30-40 mins with Level 3.

So if you are heavy driver like 80-100 miles of burning the rubber daily then you can let your EV’s SoC play around 30% to 60% and charge daily. It will ensure enough electrons in the battery to kick off the road again, and also it will also take just around 2 hours to charge using home charger (mostly Level 2). And Level 3 is always best suit for such driving habits.

Or if you are weekend warrior, driving 80-100 miles a week, then you can charge weekly or by every 2-3 days whenever convenient. Spending 4-6 hours of charging weekly or 2-3 hours twice a week will be enough for you. Level 2 charger is best suited for such drivers but Level 3 is also there if you are in hurry!

It is also best to let the SoC of your EV fall below 10% and then charge it to 100% weekly or fortnightly. As EVs come with Lithium ion batteries and it needs frequent battery calibration and cell balancing. Else, SoC measurement error may occur and you will see wrong State of Charge and range estimation anytime or while charging.

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