How to Change Tesla Mobile Connector Nema Adapters?

This has been a little confusion among Tesla mobile connector users that how to remove and change Nema power wall adapters with a Tesla mobile connector.

As you know mobile connector is a portable EV charging solution, where you can use it to charge your Tesla or other EVs at any wall outlet.

Depending on the available wall outlet you need to change the Nema adapter compatible with the wall outlet and power supply.

So now let’s see how you can remove and fit these Nema adapters in the Tesla mobile connector.

How to Change Nema Adapters in Tesla Mobile Connector

Tesla mobile connector comes with a socket on the upper side to draw power supply.

That’s where this Nema adapter fits in.

Tesla mobile connector socket for Nema adapter insertion
Tesla mobile connector socket for Nema adapter insertion

How to Remove Nema Adapter From Tesla Mobile Connector

You just have to Yank out the Nema adapter from the mobile connector socket as shown in the image below.

And you will have adapter in your hand!

Yank power nema adapter from tesla mobile connector
Pull Nema adapter out of mobile connector socket

Like this,

Yanking Nema adapter out of Tesla mobile connector
Yanking Nema adapter out of Tesla mobile connector

How to Attach Nema Adapter to Tesla Mobile Connector

Similarly, you just have to push in the Nema adapter plug inside of Tesla mobile connector… That’s it!

Push in power nema adapter to tesla mobile connector socket
Push Nema adapter into mobile connector socket

Then you just have to hang the mobile connector to the wall outlet by plugging in Nema plugs into the wall socket.

Like this,

Tesla mobile connector hanging on wall
Plug Tesla mobile connector into a wall outlet
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Mechanism of Nema Adapter and Tesla Mobile Connector Assembly

The Nema adapter just fits in and holds itself there with a friction force.

There is no switch, button, or actuator to lock in the Nema adapter inside the mobile connector socket.

So it is just by pushing you fit in Nema adapter into and by pulling out you remove the Nema adapter off the Tesla mobile connector.

Yes, so this is a simple mechanism. Just with the friction force the assembly holds itself together.

But you may think, how such a thing can sustain itself over time?

Yes, you’re right.

There is a downside to this mechanism and so to the Tesla mobile connector as well.

A Downside of This Mechanism

There have been many people experiencing the loosening and wearing out of the socket and Nema plugs over time.

Because the removing and attaching will depreciate the material over time which causes loosening of the adapters in the long-term.

Plus, because this is portable and you can change adapters, there are chances of falling off the charging units and adapters and it may break.

Also, when the grip loosens over time it may become incompetent to hold the hanging mobile connector in its place and so increasing the chances of falling and breakage.

Then What You Should Take Care About?

You just ensure one thing, as far as possible don’t unnecessarily attach or remove Nema adapter.

It is the frequent usage that causes wear and tear.

By avoiding the unnecessary removal of Nema adapters you increase the lifetime of adapters and the device.

So this was all about it. If you want to more about Tesla mobile connector then you can follow this article.

I hope this article has been of some help to you.

See you in the next article.


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