How To Pay For Tesla Supercharger Hertz? [It’s Simple]

To pay for Tesla supercharger rental car in the case of rented from Hertz, is just as simple and the same as paying for supercharging if you are the Tesla owner.

But, the thing is whenever you charge Hertz rental Tesla at any Tesla supercharger the cost of charging will incur to Hertz at first.

Then Hertz will pass on that cost to you and add up to your rental bill. The amount will be cut from the respective payment method you use to rent the Tesla.

So when you return the rental Tesla all supercharging costs will be settled.

This way Hertz remains an intermediary for Tesla supercharger payments. It is that simple.

But for any other public charging station, you need to pay on the spot for the charging session.

Now let’s look into some other important details about supercharger payments for Heartz Tesla.

Does Hertz charge any fees for Tesla charging?

No, Hertz doesn’t charge any straightforward or additional fees for charging Tesla at a supercharger or any other charger.

Hertz will pass on all costs to your card whatever cost incurs including all charging costs.

But Hertz may place a hold for an additional amount of up to $200 if you used a credit card and $500 if you used a debit card option to pay for rent.

Why do I pay a Deposit at Hertz for a rental Tesla?

Additional Payment hold is a standard practice done by all rental companies.

Hertz places this hold and can charge extra fees if return conditions are not met.

Factors affecting extra costs include return time and place changes, condition of the vehicle, due charging fees if any and SoC at the time of return, etc.

If you don’t meet return conditions then Hertz will pass on extra cost to you or can cover from the hold it placed.

We will see specifically additional charging-related fees for your Hertz rental Tesla you may incur in detail here next.

What kind of fees will I incur during charging a rental Tesla?

Apart from the cost of charging you may incur parking fees, idle fees and congestion fees.

Hertz extra fee terms for Tesla return charging level

Do I have to return the rental Tesla with a Full charge?

No, you don’t have to have a 100% battery charge level when you return your rental Tesla to Hertz.

But, Hertz has some conditions about the State of Charge level at the time of returning the rental Tesla. And you may incur extra costs if you don’t fulfill that.

Let’s look into those conditions about extra charging costs Hertz can put on you.

1) Return the Tesla with the same charge level or more than as of when you picked it up

If you return the rental Tesla at the same SoC as when you picked it up, then you won’t get charged any extra fees. No extra cost to pay!

2) Return the Tesla with a lesser SoC than when you picked

Now, if you return a rental Tesla with a lesser charge level than you picked, then you will incur an extra cost of $35*.

While, if you are a Gold Plus member, then you have to pay $25* – a discounted rate.

They charge this extra fee to have Tesla ready for the next rental ride with a sufficient charge level.

Extra Tip: To Avoid Occurring Additional Cost

What if you find no supercharger around in your way?

Remember, Hertz always places a Tesla mobile connector and J1772 plug in every rental Tesla.

So if no supercharger is available in your route, then you can charge at any wall outlet or non-Tesla charging station.

But, I saw many Hertz rental Tesla users don’t check it when they pick up the car.

And it happens to be like Hertz staff forgot to put a J1772 plug and Tesla mobile connector in the rental Tesla or either of them.

If you see that in your rental Tesla from Hertz, there is no adapter and/or mobile connector then you should immediately contact Hertz customer support to report this to them.

Otherwise, they will charge you extra for the lost adapter and mobile connector.

So check this important thing before you head on to your journey with Hertz rental Tesla.


Now I hope you have understood everything about how you can pay at supercharger for rental Tesla with Hertz.

I also hope that this guide will help you avoid any charging-related extra costs that may incur your way while renting Tesla from Hertz.

So, see you in the next article!

*Note: All details regarding prices and Hertz service provision are at the time of writing. I update the details as soon as possible. But in the meantime, the details may vary if Hertz changes its terms and provisions in the future.


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  1. I got rented Tesla from Hertz and on the way couldn’t found any public charger nearby. So thought to use mobile connector came with the car. But guess what.. there was none in trunk! there was just J1772 adapter. I had to immediately report to support.
    I forgot to check earlier. Same thing happened with my friend few months ago. Then it had to dispute with Hertz support. Then somehow it got settled else the cost will be recovered from your account!
    Something to care for always when getting a rental. What comes with it has to be checked always before you depart.

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