How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?

To fully charge your EV from 0% to 100% it will take 2-5 days with Level 1 charger, 15-20 hours with Level 2 charger and 0.5 hours to 2 hours with Level 3 charger.

To charge your EV from 20% to 80% it will take 10-15 hours with Level 1 charger, 6-10 hours with Level 2 Charger and 10-30 minutes with Level 3 charger.

To go from 80% to 100% State of Charge it will take around the same time or double as of charging from 20% to 80%.

Remember the actual time it takes to charge your electric vehicle will vary depending on your vehicle configuration, vehicle’s battery capacity, State of Charge on the moment and the temperature conditions in which you are charging.

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