Types of EV Charging Connectors [Detailed Difference]

Currently, there are 6 EV charging connectors used in the world. These are J1772, CCS, CHAdeMo, GB/T, NACS and CHAoJi.

Here’s a brief detail about each connector type followed by a comparison table showing detailed specifications of each.

1) J1772:

J1772 is also called SAE J1772 or J plug. It is a North American standard for charging connectors for electric vehicles. It is developed and maintained by SAE International formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers.

There are two variants of this connector J1772 type 1 and type 2.

J1772 type 2 variant is also known as Mennekes. Because the design of this type 2 plug was first introduced by a German company named “Mennekes”.

SAE J1772 Type 1 Connector
SAE J1772 Type 1 Connector
SAE J1772 Type 2 Connector
SAE J1772 Type 2 Connector

2) CCS:

Combined Charging Systems (CCS) are mainly designed for DC charging but they also support AC charging. There is just the addition of 2 extra pins in the J1772 connector makes it a CCS or Combo connector.

There are two variants of this connector: Type 1 or CCS1 and Type 2 or CCS2, respectively as of J1772 variants.

CCS standard was developed by SAE in collaboration between US and German automakers.

CCS Type 1 connector
CCS Type 1 Connector
CCS type 2 Connector
CCS Type 2 Connector

3) CHAdeMo:

CHAdeMo – a short form of ‘CHArge de MOve’ means ‘Charge for Moving’. Also a pun for ‘O cha demo ikaga desuka’ in Japanese. It means ‘Let’s have a cup of tea while charging’.

It was developed by five major Japanese automakers and the Tokyo Electric Power Company forming the CHAdeMo association.

CHAdeMO connector
CHAdeMO Connector

4) GB/T:

GB/T charging standard was developed in China and published by China Electricity Council (CEC). It is mainly used in China.

GBT connector
GB/T Connector

5) NACS:

North American Charging Standard (NACS) is developed by Tesla, Inc. It is also called Tesla charging standard.

It is currently being standardized as SAEJ3400 and is probably going to be adopted by major auto manufacturers in the future.

NACS connector
NACS Connector

6) ChaoJi

China Electricity Council (CEC) and CHAdeMO working together to develop a new standard ‘ChaoJi’ also called CHAdeMO 3.0. It is currently under development.

ChaoJi connector
ChaoJi Connector

Difference between J1772, CCS, CHAdeMo, GB/T, NACS & ChaoJi

Here is the detailed comparison table showing the difference between each type of charging Plug/Connectors:

Adapter →
Compatibility Specs ↓
J1772 Type 1J1772 Type 2 -MennekesCCS Type 1CCS Type 2CHAdeMoGB/TNACSChaoJi (ChAdeMO 3.0)
Charging PowerAC single-phaseAC single & three-phaseAC (single & three-phase)/DC bothAC (single & three-phase)/DC bothDCAC (single & three-phase)/DC BothAC (single & three-phase)/DC BothDC
Max Voltage Input110V/240V 110V/240V1000V1000V1000V750V500V1500V
EV Charger LevelLevel 1 & 2Level 1 & 2Level 1, 2 & 3Level 1,2 & 3Level 3Level 1, 2 & 3Level 1, 2 & 3Level 3
Max Power OutputUpto 7.4 kW22kW to 43kW350kW350kW200kW250kW600kW900kW
Mostly Used inNorth America, Japan and parts of AsiaEuropeAmerica, Korea, Taiwan, AsiaEurope, Korea, Taiwan, AsiaEurope, AsiaChinaUsed only Tesla modelsChina
Different types of EV charging connector specs


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  1. First time I came to know these many types of charging connectors. I thought it’s just J1772 and NACS. I am actively looking to buy one Electric Vehicle for me. So searching about charging information. Thanks good information.

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