Why Do People Tap The Tesla Charger? | Why Do Tesla Owners Tap The Car Before Charging?

So you want to know why do Tesla owners tap before charging or why do Tesla drivers tap the tail light or tapping Tesla charger before charging.

Lot of superstitions and misknowledge on social media (TikTok, Instagram, etc) around why tap Tesla before charging.

I will first clear the truth of it and later we will see superstitions that are just an illusion or some part of a gimmick by someone on social media.

Why Tesla Owners Tap The Tail Light

The only reason to tap on Tesla tail light is to open the Tesla charge port.

It is not the tail light itself to be tapped on, it is a flap panel of the charge port door that seems part of the tail light to be tapped on.

And it is not just tapping, the little panel on the tail light assembly is to be pressed a bit for a moment.

By pressing the tail light panel, the charge port lock mechanism will be stimulated and it will unlock the Tesla charge port.

Tapping tesla before charging
Tapping Tesla tail light
Source: Youtube.com

Now, you understand very well, that only when you open the charge port, you can then proceed to plug in the charger handle plug to the charge port before charging Tesla.

So this was the real story of why Tesla owners or drivers tap the Tesla tail light before charging.

Another thing is, tapping the button on Tesla charger handle can also open the charge port.

People are just tapping the Tesla charger button to open the charge port. As shown in the below image.

press the charging cable handle button to enable wifi signaling

Tesla charge port and charger handle button technology works on some specific signaling frequency, pressing the button on charger – like a wireless remote – prompts the charge port to open.

So this was the story of tapping Tesla or tapping Tesla tail light before charging or tapping Tesla charger before charging.

There are many other ways to open the Tesla charge port we will look later here.

But let’s first see what fun is going on social media about this event.

Superstitions and Myth or Misknowledge about Tapping the Tesla

Misknowledge about Tapping Tesla

Now some home scientists are playing some science in their minds about tapping Tesla tail.

They are assuming that Tesla’s founders and team have left some flaws in Tesla for them to play around.

They claim that tapping Tesla or Tesla tail light will,

  • Hasten the charging speed
  • It will align electron flow within the connection
  • Or it will just make the connection proper
  • It removes static electricity
  • Or some subatomic problem they can solve by tapping

They calculated just like, how tapping the tomato sauce bottle would release the stuff from the bottom.

Superstitions about Tapping Tesla

Some claim that tapping Tesla before charging can align their luck or future events.

So they can align electrons first and then also align their future events for good luck…!

But these are all well-known things for the people in this world. No one is that dumb Right..?

Then why they are doing it? (On social media)

The Possible Reality of Tapping Tesla Trend on Social Media

One probable thing is maybe, they just do it for fun!

OR They are just joining the social media trend (They saw someone doing it, then started with – of course, some gimmick in their mind).

Or someone is just doing it oddly to make their trademark dork.

Or maybe some people are just pivoting their bedroom habits! Tapping before plugging in. Who knows..! 

Ok, a lot of jokes apart. Leave it there!

So these were the myths misknowledge and mimic with gimmick in mind trending around tapping Tesla!

Now, let’s see other ways to open the Tesla charge port.

How To Open Charge Port Tesla

Here are all the ways with which you open Tesla charge port.

  • Tap the Tesla charger handle button (Only works with Tesla-branded chargers)
  • Tap on the Tesla tail light flap panel on the charge port door

(So you know the truth of both of the above now, so no questions about it right?)

  • From in-car touchscreen dashboard
  • From Tesla app
  • Using voice command
  • Using key fob


So this was the real story of taping Tesla before charging. (And a mythical story as well)

Now I hope you are clear about the sum and substance of the modus operandi of taping Tesla charger, tapping Tesla or tapping Tesla tail light both in real life and yes, on social media!

Then see you in the next article…


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  1. it’s so funnny what people does with this simple thing..😆

  2. I always use the button on charging handle. No tapping…

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