Where Is the Charging Port on a Tesla?

Tesla charge port location is on the left rear side of the Tesla, a part of the rear tail light assembly.

It is on the driver’s side in the left-hand drive and on the passenger’s side in the right-hand drive Tesla.

What is Tesla Charging Side?

Tesla’s charging side is on the Left side. So you can plug the Tesla charger on the left side of the vehicle on the rear part near the tail light.

Does Tesla Have Two Charging Ports?

No, any model of Tesla doesn’t have two charging ports.

Teslas have only one charging port located on the left side of the car.

Charge port on Tesla can’t be changed or moved either to anywhere else in the car.

Can You Charge Tesla On Both Sides?

You can’t charge Tesla on both sides as there is only one charge port and it is located on the left side.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t charge Tesla from both sides.

You can charge Tesla from any side where the charging station is located.

It is just that if the charging station is on the left side facing charge port, it becomes much easier for you to pull on the cable and plug it in.

But if the charging station is located on the right side then you have to pull the cable above the car and plug it in. So it becomes a little strenuous.

It becomes more strenuous if the charging cable is short enough and you can’t make it to the charging port.

In the case of superchargers only if you park backing the vehicle to SC, the cable reaches to charge port. (Considering short cables in public chargers like SC)

Short charging cables in Tesla superchargers
Short cables in public chargers
Source: Community

So remember, park your car in such a way that cable can reach the charge port or in case of roadside or streetside charging stations, park your Tesla in such a way that makes your charge port face to the charging station. (But avoid illegal or wrong-side parking)

Why Charge Port In Tesla Is Located On the Left Side?

There hasn’t been any official declaration from Tesla on this matter as to why they placed the charge port on the left side.

While, in different brands of EVs, there are different locations of charge port ranging from the front of the car to the front on either side near the front seats or the rear on either side of the back seats.

For the question “why those EVs placed the charge port at that specific location”, they (Officials) don’t have an immediate answer.

Charging port locations on different EVs
Charge port locations in different EVs
Source: Gridserve

However, there are many opinions and difficulties regarding this specific to Tesla’s charge port location as to whether it’s in the proper location or where it should be.

Let’s look at that.

Opinion 1

Some are guessing about internal design and wiring related (technological reasons), but we don’t have any clarifications on that matter.

And we can’t have it unless we are part of the Tesla team.

Opinion 2

Some feel like it becomes easier for the driver to walk to the charge port (on a short distance) if it’s located on the driver’s side. So some prefer the charge port to be on the driver’s side.

Opinion 3 (With Difficulty)

Some say it is difficult to put the charging plug on the left side while the charging station is on the right side.

You have to pull on the cable over the car and plug in to charge port then. As you can see in image below.

Tesla charge port left side charging difficulty
Charging Tesla with charging station on right side
Source: Community

It makes it quite difficult to stretch the cable which normally will be stiff in the case of most public chargers.

Plus, some dangers of passing by vehicles could hit the plug and can damage the plug and port.

While, also if the cable is short then you can’t make a charging plug to reach the charge port.

So either you have to adjust the car parking position or you have to park on the opposite side of the traffic.

Parking on the wrong side can be illegal depending on the country and location.

Opinion 4

In the case of streetside parking for charging, some feel that side mirrors also occupy similar space hanging out as of charging handle while plugged in.

So it naturally avoids the chances of hitting any passing by vehicles to charging plug. Usually passing vehicles won’t hit the side mirrors either.

Still, it’s usually, not always.

Opinion 5

In case of a garage or some closer nearby parking space or wall, drivers when opening the door always check for enough space to open up the door.

So that space on the driver’s side will ensure enough space to manage plug-in and out of the charging handle smoothly.

While it remains a little headache while doing street charging.

Opinion 5

As discussed above, countries having a standard left-side driving seat (LHD) with driving on the right side of the road face the most difficulty in charging with a charge port on the left side and a charging station on the opposite side.

So many people suggest that the charge port location should be on the right side of the car (i.e. passenger’s side) in such countries.

Charge port on right side in LHD car
LHD EVs with charge port on right side
Source: Community

Opinion 6

Some claim that Teslas have fixed charge port location with convenience in mind considering most fuel doors of gasoline cars (ICE cars) have fuel doors located on the left side of the car.

So keeping that in mind, people don’t boggle with EVs while charging (With newer technology), and they can follow the used-to habit as with gasoline cars (Older technology). So they placed the charge port on the same side as of fuel door.

Opinion 7

Some people prefer the rear location of the charge port over the front, considering cold weather.

The cool wind will directly hit the charge port, and more chance of freezing the port if it’s in front of the car.

Opinion 8

This seems most interesting to me as well.

GM’s officials said, that owners prefer to have a charge port on the driver’s side because it reminds them to remove the charging plug before they get in the vehicle and drive.

However, even if you’re inside the car, the charge port is readily visible from the side mirror, which prompts you to unplug it before driving off.

So these were the opinions of some users about the location of the charge port in Tesla.

We don’t see any clear scientific reason behind it and even me not able to completely figure out the “why” of that charge port location in Tesla (and in other EVs also).

How to Open Tesla Charge Port?

There are many ways to open charge port in Tesla.

If you are a Tesla owner this would be quite a simple thing for you.

Although there are some funny and unusual things attached to it.

If you want to know all the ways to open the charge port in Tesla, and the funny unusual things attached to it, head on to this article.


So I hope, now you are clear about the charge port location in Tesla and the reasons behind it.

If I missed something here, feel free to let me know in the comments and of course, let me know what’s your opinion on this!

See you in the next article then!


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