What is the cost to install Tesla charger at Home? [Complete Guide]

The cost of Tesla charger is one thing, but one more important thing to know is how much does it cost to install Tesla charger at home or in garage?

If you already have a Tesla or are going to buy and thinking of having a home charger then it becomes very important for you to know the cost attached to the installation of a home charger.

Cost to install home charging station for Tesla is as important to know as buying an EV and a home charger for it.

You will also know whether it will incur any extra cost depending on whether the existing electrical system in your home is compatible with the installation of an EV charger or requires an upgrade.

So let’s head on to it.

As Tesla home charger we are considering Tesla wall connector and mobile connector for installation cost in this article.

Tesla Home Charging Station Installation Cost

Summary Table:

Cost to install Tesla Mobile Connector:

Lowest $0 – Highest $1500-$1700

ScenarioTotal Cost
With already available 110V/120V or 240V power supply and wall outletNo Cost
If need to set up a new wall outlet for 110V/120V or 240V$50-$200
If need to draw a new 220V/240V power line$800-$1500 (Including variable cost)
Tesla Mobile Connector Installation Cost Table

Cost to install Tesla Wall Connector:

Lowest $750 – Highest $6000-$7000

ScenarioTotal Cost
If 240V power supply is available$750-$1500 (Including variable cost)
If 240V power supply is not available $2000-$6000+ (Including variable cost)
Tesla Wall Connector Installation Cost Table

Variable Costs:

These are the costs which vary by location and various installation requirements. This applies to both mobile connector and wall connector installation.

So total cost of installation may go up or down considering these variable factors.

Need for separate electric panel$400-$1700
Complexity of installationElectrician will cost more depending on a case-to-case basis.
Extra material Depending on complexity of installation
Hourly labor rate$20-$50+
Permits and Inspections$100-$500+
Variable cost table

Cost savings:

Incentives, Rebates, and Tax advantage30% tax credit, up to $1,000 for residential use. Other incentives vary by state and utility provider

So let’s go into the expenditure details of both in detail one by one.

Cost to Install Tesla Mobile Connector

Tesla mobile connector can charge your Tesla at 110V/120V and 240V.

It is a portable charger with plug-and-play feasibility.

You can use Nema power adapters to plug into wall outlet.

So apparently there is NO COST of installation. But in some cases, you might need to spend according to your requirements. We will see those cases here.

Nema 5-15 (Supports 110V/120V) and Nema 14-50 (Supports 240V) adapters come with Tesla mobile connector in the package.

So you don’t have to purchase any power adapter, as both are sufficient to be used at any wall outlet.

With 110V/120V you can normally get 3-6 miles of range per hour of charging, which is a slower speed of charging.  

With 240V charging you can get up to 30 miles of range per hour of charging, which is a medium speed of charging.

So, depending on various scenarios and the charging speed you want, the cost will vary to install Tesla Mobile connector.

Below are the different scenarios of power supply and wall outlet availability affecting the cost to install Tesla mobile charger.

With Available 110V/120V or 240V Power Supply and Wall Outlet

Cost: $0 (No Cost)

If you have 110V/120V or 240V power supply and wall outlet in your home then you are just ready to charge your Tesla. No cost of anything.

You can just start charging Tesla at 110V outlet (Normal outlet for usual appliances) but at a slower speed of charging or at 220V/240V outlet (Also called dryer outlet or high voltage appliances outlet) with a faster speed of charging.

Have to set up a New Wall Outlet for 110V/120V or 240V?

If there are no wall outlets available where you want to charge your car then you need to install an outlet, which will add up to the cost.

Considering your home has the required power line and the electric system is compatible and requires no upgrades.

Cost: $50-$200

This includes the cost of extra wiring or cable, wall outlet socket and labor costs.

It is recommended to have a certified electrician to do this for you.

Need to Draw a New 220V/240V Power Line?

Cost: $800 – $1500

This is relatively costlier.

This includes the cost of labor, usual materials including the cost of 220V/240V outlet, and necessary permits and inspections.

Again the cost will vary depending on your location.

There are other factors as well affecting the cost of installing Tesla charger. We will look at those later in this article.

Now we will see the cost to install Tesla wall Charger.

Tesla Wall Connector Installation Cost

Cost: $750 – $7000 (Depending on the scenario as mentioned below)

Tesla wall connector will need 240V power supply to operate.

Tesla wall connector installation cost will include the professional labor cost, circuit breaker set up, permits and inspection for wall charger installation.

Again depending on various scenarios the cost will vary to install Tesla wall connector as explained below.

If 240V Power Supply is Available

Cost: $750 – $1500

In the best case wall connector installation cost will range from $750-$1500, if all other things including 240V Power lines, simple and easily accessible wirings, etc. are in the proper place.

Your location and labor requirements can vary the cost.

But usually, within 1-3 hours in the best case, a complete Tesla wall charger installation can be done.

But, in the case of more complex wiring, trenches or underground wiring, need to install an electrical panel for 240V wall charger hardwiring or extra wiring requirements can increase the cost.

If 240V Power Supply is Not Available

Cost: $2000 – $6000

But, in case you there is no 240V power connection in your home and need to draw a new 240V power line then this becomes a little costliest job.

If just a 240V power line requires to be drawn then it will cost the least.

If it requires some other upgrades then the cost can go up to $6000 or $7000.

The total cost includes the cost of labor, power supply permits, inspections, circuit breakers, wirings or electric cables, and electric panels depending on how your home’s electric system is compatible with an EV charger.

We will now look into other factors that will add up to the total cost if your home’s electric system is not compatible with a Tesla home charger.

Other Factors Affecting Installation Cost of Home Charging Station for Tesla

Electrical Upgrades

As we saw, if only a standard voltage of 110V/120V power supply is available at your home and you want to charge at 240V then the electrical system will require an upgrade.

It goes for both level 2 charging with Tesla mobile connector and Tesla wall connector.

This can add the cost of around $300-$800 on the lowest side.

The Complexity of Installation

Now assuming that the home’s electrical system does not require an upgrade, but if the existing wiring setup is complex then it becomes a hard job.

Or if some other changes are required in the existing setup of appliance or electric wirings to accommodate the installation of charger, then again it becomes tedious work

In such cases, the electrician will cost more depending on a case-to-case basis.

Need for Electric Panel

To handle the load of EV charging at home it requires some specific load withstanding electric panels.

And not all homes have such a setup.

Only a professional electrician can see whether your home needs a sub panel to withstand a Tesla charger load.

In case your home needs one, then it adds up to the cost.

The electric panel mostly cost depends on the amperage. The higher the amperage higher the cost.

Tesla recommends having 50A in case of mobile connectors and 60A for wall connectors to get the fastest charging speed.

So accordingly it can additionally cost around $400 to $1700 depending on the requirement.

Permits and Inspections

In case you need to upgrade the existing electric system or need to have new electric circuits or panels, permits and inspections will be required to install a Tesla home charger.

The cost of permits and inspection will depend on your home location and the professional electrician you hire.


Now in case your home electric wiring system has underground wiring then it will cost more labor and extra materials cost.

Main Cost Variations

Labor and Location

The labor charge and overall installation cost will always vary. The location or area of your home for charger installation will affect material cost and electrician hourly fees.

Find a professional Tesla charger installer

You can find your nearby professional Tesla charger installer with this tool.

Note: All the above costs were about installing a Tesla charger at an Independent home.

In case of installing Tesla Charger at apartments, flats or condos

The process, legal requirements, and cost of installing Tesla charger will vary if you are living in an apartment, flat, or condo.

Follow this guide to learn more details to install Tesla charger in an apartment or condo.

Follow this guide to know more details to install Tesla charger at the deeded parking space.

Incentives, Rebates, and Tax advantage for Tesla Home Charging Installation

There are federal tax credits for the purchase of EVs and installation of EV chargers.

You can get a credit of 30% of the cost of the charging station and up to $1000 for residential charger installation.* (These figures are at the time of writing)

You need to look for your eligibility for incentive and tax credits depending on your state.

Know more about Tax credits on Tesla charger installation here.


So this was the range of cost to install Tesla home charger depending on charger type and different scenarios of installation requirements.

As you now know the cost to install Tesla home charger varies from $0 cost to be lowest to $6000 or $7000 on the high side.

But once you have installed the charger, there are a lot of other cost advantages waiting for you.

I hope you have found this article helpful.

See you in the next article!

Tip: If you want to know more about purchase costs and other details about Tesla mobile connector and wall connector then I have a guide for you in this article.


How much does it cost to install a Tesla charger?

To install a Tesla wall charger it can take around $750-$1500 on average. It can be less or more depending on how much of your home’s electrical system is ready for installation. So the cost can come to as low as just a couple of hundred bucks and can go as high as $2500 to $6000-$7000 if needs a bigger job work. Tesla mobile connector is relatively cheaper to install as it needs only 110V/240V wall outlet so it normally costs less than $500, while Tesla wall connector needs to be installed on a compatible circuit with hardwiring so it costs more.

Can I install a Tesla charger myself?

No, you can’t install a Tesla charger by yourself, unless you are a certified electrician. It demands a detailed technical knowledge and experience in electrical systems which only professional electricians have. So you need to hire a certified electrician.

What size breaker do I need for a Tesla charger?

For Tesla wall charger you need to have at least 60A circuit breaker. Always remember the circuit breaker rating should be at least 125% of maximum power output of EV charger OR in other way maximum power output of EV charger should not exceed 80% of circuit breaker rating.

How much does it cost to install a 240V outlet for an electric car?

It will cost from $50-$200 to set up a 240V wall outlet for EV charger for an electric car.

Can you plug a Tesla into a 220 outlet?

Yes, you with Nema 14-50 or 6-50 power plug can plug into 220V outlet to charge a Tesla.

How long does it take to install a Tesla charger?

Normally, it takes 2-3 hours of work to install a Tesla charger. But it actually depends on how much work is needed. For mobile connector if wall outlet is ready then its ready to use, but for wall conector it will take atleast couple of hours. So jJust like how total cost is dependent on total work needed, like are there underground wiring or trenches or simple wiring, is there a specific circuit ready to have EV charger and other factors. So total time for Tesla charger installation can take up to 7-8 hours or a full day.

Do I need a new panel for a Tesla charger?

An electrician should judge the electrical system and available panels in your house including what kind of appliances are being used. But normally if you have 100amp-200amp panel you probably won’t need another panel.

Can I use my dryer outlet to charge my Tesla?

Yes, you can use dryer outlet to charge your Tesla. A dryer outlet is nothing but 220V/240V wall outlet which is a high-powered outlet used for dryers, ovens, cooktops, etc.

Do you need an electrician to install a 240V outlet?

Yes, to install 240V outlet you need to have an electrician to do the job for you. It requires detailed electrical system knowledge and experience to install a 240V wall outlet.


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  1. I installed Tesla wall connector at just $650 in my garage. It was simple installation. just paid for labor and wiring and stretched line from nearby circuit breaker. That’s all.

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