Why Is My Tesla Charging Slow At Supercharger?

Most common reasons for slow charging at superchargers are:

  • Charge port latch is not properly engaged
  • Charging plug has a poor connection with the port due to dust-debris, moisture or snow inside port or plug
  • Faulty supercharging plug or Tesla charge port
  • Battery temperature is cool and charging without preconditioning in cold weather
  • State of Charge is above 80% or below 10%
  • Some software glitch
  • Faulty supercharger
  • Degraded battery health

One more thing could be that Tesla system has activated reduced supercharging rates if you have charged your Tesla a significant number of times at superchargers. However, there isn’t any official public declaration on this but there are some users who experienced this and knew this by contacting Tesla support.

If this is repeatedly happening then you need to check your Tesla battery health and see how much degradation has happened – a degraded battery can also cause slow charging. If not much degradation then contact the Tesla service centre for a detailed diagnosis.

You can refer to a detailed guide on how to solve this problem in this article.

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