Where can I charge my EV?

You can charge your EV with a device called EVSE or simply EV charger. You can charge your EV either at Home with a Home charger, at any wall outlet with a portable charger and in public places with a public charger.

Home charger is privately installed at residential place. It is owned by a private owner for their personal use. EVSEs are also installed in apartments or condos for general use for the people who stay there. These are mostly Level 1 or Level 2 chargers with a hardwired or plug-in installation.

You can also have a mobile or portable charger. You can take it with you in your car when you drive. The thing is you can use it wherever a wall outlet is available. Portable chargers are lightweight plug-in chargers and ready to use anywhere.

Want to know everything about EV charging? Here you go, I made series of articles just on everything about EV charging.

EV Charging 101

While public chargers are installed in public places, which are open to all. These are installed at malls, complexes, workplaces, parking spaces, or a separate charging station site just like how gas stations are installed. Even at many gas stations currently, you will find EV charging stations installed for EVs.

Now you think how can I find the nearest charging station or when you are on a trip?

Here you go. I made a separate guide on how you can easily find EV charging stations.

Now I hope you are clear – & not worrying ; ) – where to charge my EV???

EV Chargers Guide
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