What is the Difference Between Gen 2 Tesla Mobile Connector and Corded Mobile Connector?

The main difference lies in the compatibility of a variety of wall power adapters and the maximum power output.

1) Nema Adapters

Gen 2 mobile connector supports a variety of swappable Nema adapters, like, Nema 5-15, 5-20, 6-15, 6-20, 10-30, 14-30, 6-50 and 14-50. This allows you to charge with a power supply of 110V to 240V, so provides charging speed from slow to medium range.

While Tesla corded mobile connector has a fixed hardwired Nema 14-50 plug so the only wall outlet option it can use is Nema 14-50.

2) Maximum Power Output

In terms of power output, Tesla Gen 2 mobile connector can give a maximum power output of 7.7kW at 32amps, on the other hand corded mobile connector gives a fixed and maximum power output of 9.6kW at 40amps.

Considering you use Nema 14-50 for the Gen 2 mobile connector, the charging speed provided by the Gen 2 is a little slower than the corded mobile connector with hardwired Nema 14-50.

The corded mobile connector can charge your vehicle at a slightly faster speed but in terms of miles of range added per hour of charging doesn’t show much difference.

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