Should You Charge Your Tesla Every Night?

Yes and No. But there is no problem in charging your Tesla every night.

If you ask what’s the best suitable practice for me?

Then I would say look at your driving habits. If you travel daily 80-100 miles then you should charge your Tesla every night.

But if you are not that rubber burner or say you travel 80-100 miles a week then I would say charging twice a week or even on weekends will be best fit for you.

But if you are asking is it good for my Tesla to charge every night..?

Then don’t worry about that. There’s no issue with charging every night.

Ok, let me tell you what I would do.. I will try to maintain State of Charge of my Tesla between 20% to 80% or around 50%. But I also don’t hesitate to charge 100% when needed.

So driving 80 miles a day will need to charge it daily, and charging it overnight will be best suitable.

But just casual city driving or casual long trips, it’s even OK to charge daily but if I feel little lazy then I would do it every 2 or 3 days. Because it will have enough juice for me to shoot on the road and will survive for 2-3 days easily with casual driving. OR If I am further lazier then I would charge every weekend when I have plenty of time and almost nothing to do.

You got it..? It’s not rocket science. Even making rocket is not though..

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