Is It OK To Leave Tesla Charger Plugged In?

Yes, it is completely ok to leave Tesla charger plugged in.

Tesla charging system is designed in such a way that battery won’t be overcharged (even if remains 100% charged) over time if charger remains plugged in.

Plus, leaving the car plugged in will maintain a certain required level of heat in the battery, which is required to maintain good battery health.

So leaving Tesla plugged in will preserve the high-voltage battery and is recommended to let it remain plugged in when not in use.

You can also leave your Tesla plugged in for a long time and not just overnight.

If you are away for many days leaving your Tesla at home, you can still leave it plugged in, as when you come back, it should have a sufficient charge level otherwise it will become difficult to start Tesla if the battery is completely drained.

Additionally, leaving the battery drained for long time will also cause battery damage.

And you can set charge limit so that it won’t charge beyond a certain level, that’s good for battery.

So you can set 50% charge limit (better in this condition) and leave it plugged in for days till you are on vacation or away for months. And better to leave it under the roof or garage to protect it from weather conditions.

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