How To Precondition Tesla Battery?

There are 4 ways you can do that.

  1. From Tesla app: Navigate to Climate and toggle it to ‘ON
  2. From Tesla Dashboard: Navigate to Climate by tapping on the displayed temperature on the dashboard and toggle it to ‘ON
  3. From Tesla Navigation: While going for a public charger, set that charging station as the destination in Navigation. Here, Tesla automatically starts preconditioning the Tesla battery as you reach it.
  4. From Tesla Schedule Departure: In Tesla dashboard or Tesla app go to Schedule > Departure option. Enable the preconditioning option from settings and set the time when you want the battery to be preconditioned.

The first two options will enable smart preconditioning in Tesla, as it will detect the curent temperature and precondition the climate (and battery) to required temperature.

While third option will automatically enable preconditioning by calculating the distance and time to reach to public charger from your current location. So once you reach it the precondition would have been done and Tesla will be ready to charge.

Forth option is a total manual option. Where you have to set the timings of when you want preconditioning to be done, yes it’s the end time of preconditioning you have to set. So it will automatically start based on the time you have set.

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