How to pay for EV charging?

There are two scenarios for this, one is charging at home and another is charging at a public charger.

Paying for Home EV charging:

The bill for home charging your EV will be added to the same bill you pay to the utility provider. This is just extra usage of electricity in your home apart from all other regular things.

So the bill for using the electricity for EV charging is not different from the usual monthly bill you get from the utility provider.

Depending on the utility provider you may get the bill with units used for EV charging separately in the bill or if you have set up a separate meter for EV charging then you can get that usage separately in the bill.

Else, it is just one wholesome bill you normally get every month.

You just continue to pay to utility provider how normally you pay every month. That’s it!

Paying at Public EV charger:

At public charging stations, payment works on a pay-per-use basis mostly. i.e. you just pay after you are done with your charging sessions.

You can pay with a card (Credit and Debit card), from an app (Like Mobile Wallet or Charging Network’s app), RFID card or fob for one-time payment.

While some charging networks provide membership subscriptions as well. i.e. a fixed fee to pay for a particular subscription period like monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

So the exact payment method accepted may vary with different charging networks or stations, but usually above listed one-time payment methods will be accepted at almost all charging stations.

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