Can You Use Tesla Charger For Other EVs?

Yes, you can use. But you will need an adapter for that probably.

Because Tesla chargers have NACS connector and most EVs (Other than Tesla) in North America have J1772 or CCS port.

(If you don’t know what charging adapter is then let me tell you, it’s a device which enables you to charge your EV from a different connector type than your EV’s charge port.)

So you will need a NACS to J1772 adapter to charge at Level 2 or Level 1 Tesla charger (which is Tesla wall connector or mobile connector).

And you will need NACS to CCS adapter to charge at Tesla supercharger or Level 3 charger.

What you need to do is just engage the adapter over Tesla charging cable’s NACS connector.

Like this,

Here is how to fix NACS to non Tesla charging adapter over NACS cable
Fix the adapter over NACS connector

Now you just charge your EV just like how you do it usually. That’s all.

Charge your EV with NACS to non Tesla adapter
Then charge your EV connecting another end of adapter to charge port

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