Are Tesla Chargers Waterproof?

Tesla chargers including Tesla wall connectors and mobile connectors are weather-resistant. But not fully waterproof.

So in heavy rain, there could be chances of seeping water inside the charger casing. It is advisable to use a waterproof jacket if you have placed the charger outdoors where it is directly exposed to heavy rainwater.

Submerging of charger into water is completely NO! From heavy rain there are still chances that no damage happens to the charger or not much in the best case. But if the charger gets submerged in water, then remember it is not designed for that.

If you have to charge outdoors in heavy rain then you have to use a waterproof jacket for the charger and charge port.

While, Tesla Superchargers are always placed without any rooftop as they are actually designed to sustain various weather conditions. But again you need to take care of water seeping inside the cable, plug or charge port.

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